About us

Ukraine, as a country, plays and will play a key geopolitical role in the European space, and in particular in the Central and Eastern European region (CEE). The strategy of European integration and accession of Ukraine to the European Union is the most visible confirmation of these efforts.

The National Agency of Strategic Communications was created as an effective structure for the practical implementation of this strategy, because the economic, geopolitical and cultural potential of Ukraine has not yet been fully revealed both for this CEE region and for Europe in general.

NASK operates with the full support of the Ukrainian authorities and the Office of the President, as well as representatives of large Ukrainian businesses.

The main, interconnected areas of activity of the Agency are:

  • formation of a correct and truthful image of Ukraine among leaders of public opinion in neighboring countries, representatives of the political, business and cultural elite, in order to further promote the development of strong economic and cultural relations
  • practical assistance to Ukrainian business representatives of all levels in their efforts to find partners, joint projects and new sales markets during the war period. The agency also sets itself the goal of becoming the most effective mediator between the European business community and the elites, and the Ukrainian ones in all matters that are crucial for success.
  • creation, formation and practical implementation of large and long-term international projects, primarily within the framework of Central Europe, but also in Europe in general, in which the Ukrainian side will be involved, and which bring practical positive results to the entire region or continent.


The National Agency closely works and has business relations with the following organizations and state structures:

Ministry of Defense Ukraine

Ukrainian Association of Regional Councils

European Business Association

Business 100 (association of one hundred largest Ukrainian companies)